Maintenance of road tankers,
storages and pumps for
cryogenic gases

Maintenance of road tankers, storages and pumps for cryogenic gases

The work carried out by A.L.Cryo on cryogenic tanks and storages covers all customer requirements and ranges from the installation of ship’s lashing hooks, to revamping, to more complex and customized work, always and in any case in full compliance with regulations.

Interventions that A.L.Cryo can carry out on Cryogenic Tanks and road tankers:

  • Periodical revision with Notified Body

  • Reassessment of conformity according to the TPED Directive

  • Revamping old tanks/storages

  • Transfer/Installation of tanker on new trailer

  • Repair of tanks/storages

  • Realization of new piping

  • Installation of pumps/generators

  • Construction/installation of electrical panels

  • Maintenance (Checks and Mechanical repairs on rolling stock and bodywork parts – Cryogenic pumps – Shunting valves – Evaporators – Hose pipes etc.).

  • Varnishing and Applying Company trademarks and logos

  • Vacuum Check/Reset with Rotative/Roots pumps and helium leak detector

  • Verification/calibration of safety valves on special test benches with certified pressure gauges

  • Non Destructive Checks, including radiographic checks

  • Transfer hose check

  • Complete maintenance of cryogenic pumps

The A.L.Cryo team is composed of professional Maintenance Technicians, qualified Welders and Brazing Technicians, Non Destructive Testing Technicians coordinated by the Technical Director and a group of internal and external collaborators with recognized professionalism.

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